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Redline Garage Gear Cabinetry

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 Redline Garage Gear


As Redline's 2014, 2015, & 2016 Dealer of the year, we are proud to offer you innovative and attractive organization solutions to fit your space and needs!

Garagegear is not “just another” garage cabinet

Redline Garage cabinets are great for storing stuff. But you need to organize stuff as well. Redline Garagegear has the largest selection of specialty cabinets and garage storage bins of any garage cabinet manufacturer, to custom design your garage for your exact needs and interests.
RedLine garagegear manufactures the finest garage cabinets in the industry. From the durable powder-coated finish to the wall-hung, off-the-floor design, garagegear storage cabinets are built to last. In fact, the garage storage cabinets are warranted for a lifetime. And with more than 500 garage cabinet choices and eleven powder coated color choices, you’re sure to find the cabinets to match your requirements. Garagegear works great, looks great, and will last you a lifetime! And garagegear works great in others areas of the home too!

Not all garage cabinets are created equal! Many “garage cabinets” are merely closet cabinets that are being used in a garage, and were never designed to withstand the environment found in most garages. RedLine garagegear, on the other hand, was designed specifically for use in a garage. Unlike painted, laminated or plastic cabinets, the powder-coated finish on garagegear resists chipping, warping, delaminating or cracking. And top these cabinets off with durable butcher block or nearly indestructible Impact Coating™ countertops, and you have garage cabinets that can handle anything your garage can “throw” at them!

Redline Garagegear cabinets are backed with a Lifetime Warranty. So, BEFORE you buy garage cabinets, make sure you’re getting cabinets designed for the garage…RedLine garagegear


 Check out Redline Garage Gear for more informaiton on our top of the line garage organization system!