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Epoxy Coating

epoxy floor


 Epoxy Coating

Our Full Flake System is great for hiding dirt and imperfections in the concrete. This system is resistant to gas, oils, and battery acid. Our floors clean up with just water and are designed to last many years with minimal maintenance. 

    Epoxy flooring is applied in a 3 day process:

  • Day One: Our expert installers prepare your floor with a shot blaster to create a porous surface for the epoxy to stick to, apply one layer of epoxy, and broadcast flake of your color selection to cover floor. 
  • Day Two: We will scrape the flake to an even consistency and add a second layer of epoxy.
  • Day Three: A high traffic urethane topcoat will be applied to add texture and protect your new floor. 


The floor is ready for action 24 hours after the application of the topcoat. This process ensures an attractive, durable, and easy to clean floor that you will enjoy for many years to come! 


Full Flake Color Selection  


              Domino             Dakota Trail             Cheetah                Shoreline                 Fire                     Opal              


                                                                           Joey                    Basalt